Wednesday, December 22, 2010

artist stamp "lili scratchy"

When I contact Lili about this project, she sent me this adorable drawing with her name.  I was very excited carve it!  The stamp size is 4" wide by 2.5" tall.  I made it little bigger than usual stamp to get all the details( I hope I will be able to carve it smaller sometime..... more skills!!) Carving precisely is one of my main goal about this project.  I don't want to ruin all the artists lines and strokes.  So here is the stamp of lili scratchy!  All of her characters are so cute and fun.  They make me smile every time when I see them.  Please check out her art at

Thank you lili!


lili scratchy said...

Thank you again Kozue.
I'm so happy ,your rubber stamp is just absolutly super!!!

jude_ellis said...

I like your work alot especially the clean line you get. If it's not a secret what brand of rubber do you carve with? There doesn't seem to be much on the market here in Australia.

Kozue said...

Lili! This stamp has been mailed out to you. Happy New Year! :D

Kozue said...

Jude! Thank you for your comment and I'm happy to hear that you liked my stamps! I use a couple different rubbers for carving, but the one currently I have been using is called speedy carve from Speedball.(pink one) I use a regular utility knife to get clean lines. I'm sure you'll be able to do it if you practice! Enjoy carving!

Kt said...

I came over from Mel Stringer's blog and I am so glad I did. Your work is amazing, I am really impressed. Seeing your skill has made my day!

lili scratchy said...

Ho! thank you so much Kozue !!
could you send me your postal adress
Happy new year,and thank you again!!

Kozue said...

Kt, thank you for your sweet comment which made my day! Please come back to my blog again and check out my new stamp!

lili scratchy said...

Hello Kozue,
Your stamp is arrived!!!
thank you again!!
I'm very happy :)